Residentail New Construction


Feature Home BuildingShaw Building Corporation understands that your home may very well be your largest single investment. Using the design/build approach to residential construction at SBC saves time, money and problems often encountered when building a home using a separate contractor, architect and interior designer. SBC's approach provides a single source of responsibility and accountability, in addition to a direct line of communication.

We believe that close communication betweeen builder and client throughout the entire process is the only way to assure that you'll end up with the home that you designed. We are here to walk you through each phase and answer your questions along the way. Regardless of the location of your property of value of repair, we are here to assist you with all your needs.

"We wish you many years of happiness and sincerely appreciate the opportunity you have given us to build your new home. We fully realize that this home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and thus we have used high quality products and the best available workmanship to protect your investment.

The key to happiness and pleasure in your new home is the trouble-free operation of the fine mechanical components and quick satisfactory service when required.

Again, welcome and thank you for joining our community.

Very truly yours,

Ann M. Shaw, President"



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